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Our Athletic Recovery Drip delivers a combination of essential vitamins, amino acids, and hydrating fluids that surpass the benefits of sports drinks and supplements without the unwanted side effects and additives. Competitive athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and weekend warriors alike use our Athletic Recovery Drip to fuel their bodies, to improve energy, increase endurance, enhance fitness performance, and improve concentration. It also helps restore proper hydration, which is crucial for muscle recovery, pain relief, weight loss, and optimal athletic performance. 

By delivering high doses of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids intravenously, our ARD is ideal before or after a big game, endurance event, or intense physical activity. Pre-event hydration and loading up on nutrients with our ARD enhances performance, reduces the risk of cramps, lubricates joints and muscles, and energizes your body so you can run through the proverbial wall.

Using this IV drip for muscle recovery will rapidly rehydrate the body to restore vitamins, nutrients, and fluid balance, replenish amino acids that promote rapid muscle recovery and reduce aches, pain, and inflammation. Use our ARD before or after intense physical activity or athletic event for a myriad of performance and recovery enhancing benefits. For best results, use the day before for optimal pre-activity benefits or soon after activity to help rapidly reduce inflammation, minimize muscle aches and soreness, and accelerate muscle recovery. This IV drip generally takes 60 minutes. 

Main Benefits 

-Rapidly rehydrates body to help recovery

-Replenishes essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids

-Boosts energy levels to enhance physical and athletic performance

-Reduces inflammation and muscle aches and soreness

-Accelerates muscle recovery


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