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Fed up with your receding hairline bringing you down? Look no further – the perfect Hair Restoration solution is right here! Our cutting-edge, non-surgical procedure will allow you to re-capture a full head of beautiful locks without any downtime. Get ready to say goodbye to bald patches and hello again to luscious hair!


Our Hair Restoration offers a revolutionary approach to hair loss. Through increasing crucial blood flow and stimulating your scalp’s natural growth cycle, this cutting-edge therapy helps prevent further thinning of the hair while fortifying existing strands so that regrowth is thicker and healthier than ever before! With positive outcomes demonstrated for both men and women alike, it’s never been easier to achieve remarkable results in restoring lost locks.


50 million American men and 30 million women suffer from male or female pattern baldness, commonly known as Androgenetic Alopecia. This debilitating condition affects the size of hair follicles but can now be effectively treated with our revolutionary treatment!


Our medical team extracts a small amount of your blood, which is then sent to our high-tech centrifuge for separation. Utilizing the principlet that injections of one’s own blood can improve damaged tissue such as unhealthy hair follicles, we reinject this sample into your scalp and it helps form new vessels in the area, encourages cell growth and production of collagen – all leading to visible signs improved wound healing.


Our minimally-invasive treatment offers a safe and effective way to help you reach your desired cosmetic goals. We use carefully administered injections of cells derived from your own blood, making rejection or allergic reactions impossible – so there’s no danger involved! The injection pattern covers the affected area in detail with each shot placed about half an inch apart; while sessions last less than one hour on average. To ensure optimal results we recommend regular follow-up maintenance treatments every three to four months for up two years after completing the initial monthly series of injections within two or three month period.  

There is no downtime associated with the treatment; however, we highly advise patients to avoid strenuous exercise, heat, direct sun exposure, swimming pools as well as coloring or blow-drying their hair for at least a couple of days.

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