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People struggle with weight loss for a myriad of reasons with literally billions of dollars spent each year on weight-loss and fitness products and services. Yet, millions remain overweight and will continue to struggle with weight issues their entire life. Perhaps it is time to try something new?

Our Fit Drip is a different way to help you reach your weight-loss and fitness goals. This healthy lifestyle drip will accelerate your metabolism to promote healthy weight loss, help burn stored and stubborn fat, and assist you in reaching your weight-loss goals. This Fit Drip is a perfect complement to a healthy diet by helping regulate your appetite and improves blood glucose control.

Why Get a Performance Boost?

Our combination of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids not only helps your body break down fat for energy and decrease body fat, but it also provides sustained energy levels to pursue fitness goals. Now you can exercise longer and harder to burn those extra calories necessary to lose weight and build lean muscles.

Use our Fit Drip when you are beginning a diet or weight loss endeavor, wanting to lose excess fat, or before or after exercising. For a natural boost to your metabolism to help with weight management and loss, use this drip on a monthly basis for best results. This IV drip generally takes 60 minutes and is administered by one of paramedics/nurses

Main Benefits 

Restores fluid balance and levels

Replenishes essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes

Stimulates metabolism 

Increases energy levels to improve exercise and sports performance

Breaks down and burns stored fat

Detoxes the body by eliminating toxins and free radicals

Suppresses and regulates appetite and blood sugar levels

What Is Inside?

  • NORMAL SALINE—Rehydrates and restores fluid balance 
  • SUPER B-COMPLEX—Boosts energy and metabolism
  • B12—Helps build lean muscles and supports healthy metabolism
  • L-CARNITINE—Boosts muscle grown and helps burn fat into energy
  • VITAMIN C—Improves exercise and sports performance


  • Glutathione
  • B6
  • Amino Blend
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